Test Plan részei az IEEE 829-1998-as szabvány szerint

Mező Leírás
Test plan identifier A unique identifier.
Introduction Summary of what is tested, references to related material (project plan, QA plan, Configuration Management plan, policies, standards).
Test items Detailed identification of what is (and probably is not) tested; references to requirements, design spec, guides, incident reports.
Features to be tested Identify features and feature combinations to be tested, with references to test base.
Features not to be tested Explicitely state what is not tested.
Approach Overall approach for adequate testing of features. Helps to identify detailed tasks.
Item pass/fail criteria When different items will pass/fail?
Suspension criteria and resumption requirements When should the test be suspended/resumed?
Test deliverables What documents will you produce and handle to other teams? (e.g. test data, tools, environment, test cases, plans, logs, ...)
Testing tasks Identify tasks and dependencies for all steps of the test process.
Environmental needs How the test environment should and would look like? What tools are needed?
Responsibilities Who will do the different tasks? Who will be responsible for testing the items, and for the deliverables?
Staffing and training needs What knowledge is required? Who has that? How can it be acquired?
Schedule When different tasks will take place?
Risks and contingencies What can go wrong and how can it be avoided/mitigated?
Approvals Who are responsible for saying "Yes" on this plan?

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